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PSH Therapy

About PSH Therapy

Private Subconscious-mind Healing (PSH) is an innovative therapy that uses voice guided meditation as a basis for resolving emotionally painful conditions. Many peoples’ lives are unhappy or diminished because of painful feelings such as anxiety, anger, guilt, hypertension, or continual sadness. Commonly people report other symptoms that accompany these feelings; for instance, lethargy, tension headaches, sleep difficulties and ultimately depression. In my practice, PSH is proving highly effective in helping people overcome these difficulties and turn their lives around, often when other forms of therapy and/or medication have failed.

PSH operates at a subconscious level, accessing resources not readily available to your cognitive mind. PSH does not attempt to change your thoughts and attitudes and neither does it require you to talk about past events.

The Process

You are guided into meditation by my voice and background music. Often people feel pleasantly surprised at how deeply they can relax. This itself is healing - becoming deeply relaxed is the very opposite of anxiety. You move from constriction and rigid mental focus, to letting go of physical tension and quietening the mental chatter. Your blood chemistry changes, replacing the stress hormones cortisol and adenalin with endorphins like serotonin and melatonin that set the basis for healing and help you to feel good. The thinking, analytic brain becomes quiet, enabling access to deeper levels of mind, the subconscious and, in particular, the emotional brain. 


An inner communication is established through the use of metaphor and carefully crafted stories. These stories engage the mind at a subliminal level and prompt a cascade of gentle effects that process the hurts and traumas at the core of our anxiety. This safe and gentle process is similar to the events each night in REM sleep. This is when we process experiences of the previous day and lay down memories. PSH effectively mimics this nightly process. Anxiety occurs when powerful feeling patterns, like hurt, dread and grief, become overwhelming and cannot be completed. PSH enables you to process what has been raw in you for many years. The old ‘baggage’ that had caused so much suffering can now be brought into the heart of healing. 

How many sessions?

PSH will normally involve four or five sessions, ideally about a week apart. Some conditions, such as long term major depression, may require longer term support. I provide my clients with a meditation CD and encourage a daily practice during the course of the therapy. In this way a familiarity is developed with the 'letting go' response and progressively more profound experiences are encountered.

I am a registered PSH therapist with The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapist’s Association (ASTA). ASTA is the professional association for PSH therapists and membership is your guarantee of the best available training and the highest professional standards.

To read some typical experiences go to "Client Experiences".

I am currently taking three months sabatical to finish writing a book.

Appointments can be made from March 2017 onwards. Alternatively, I am referring enquiries to:

Belinda Hawkings. Ph 0409 619 639  Belinda is similarly trained in PSH therapy and is on the board of ASTA.

To make an appointment for March 2017 call me on 02 6287 1710, or email michael@syandra.com.au

Michael Masani

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