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Guided Meditation CDs

Meditation Made Easy

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Cost: $25.00 (AUD)

This recording contains three guided meditation practices. Each meditation is about 20 minutes long. There is also an introduction on how to prepare for meditation, including tips on how to manage intrusive thoughts. Meditation Made Easy is an ideal introduction to successful meditation practice.

1. Mantra Meditation

You are guided  step by step through this practice. Michael's calming voice, together with a gentle blend of background music leads you to profoundly deep levels of rest. The mantra is repeated silently as a focus or anchor for the mind, helping to calm the insistent mental chatter. 

2. Mindfulness Meditation

You are guided into deep relaxation and then into a progressive sequence of 'witnessing'. Awareness is maintained in the present moment, observing how sensation moves and changes within the body. 

3. Loving Kindness Meditation

Based on an ancient Buddhist practice, this meditation encourages the expression of compassion towards ourselves, our loved ones and ultimately to all sentient beings. Repeated practice brings greater self acceptance, moving us beyond seperateness and embracing a new depth of kindness and care for each other.

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Enchanted Dreams

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Spoken by Michael Masani with music from Butterfly by Jeff Clarkson. Written and produced by Michael and Deb Masani.

Cost: $25.00 (AUD)

Using images and metaphor that suggest healing on all levels, the two guided meditations on this CD are deeply relaxing, highly evocative and richly rewarding. You are invited to journey through the doorway of your mind into ‘the world beyond the world.’

Track 1. Inner Sanctuary begins with an introductory guided relaxation, quietening the conscious chatter and accessing the deeper structures of the mind. The listener is guided on an inner journey, through a series of dream-like images to a state of heightened creativity, where the inner sanctuary is to be found. Within the sanctuary the listener is led into deeper and deeper levels of peace, culminating in the connection with our source of healing and wisdom. The journey takes us to the space before thought, the potent, creative womb from which springs all form and all experience.

Track 2. Wings of Love starts with a progressive muscle relaxation, guiding the listener into an extremely pleasant state of meditative calm. The inner journey that follows takes us through a delightful sequence of images and natural surroundings. Meeting the ‘eagle-self’, the listener is lifted above the level of everyday cares and responsibilities. There is the opportunity to perceive life through very different eyes. There is rest for the weary and re-vitalising for the soul. As the dream changes, the listener is lifted to yet higher levels of consciousness, rediscovering our connections with Earth and our common heritage.

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The Sacred Seed

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The Sacred Seed Cover

Cost: $25.00 (AUD)

Track 1. Introduction. Michael Masani guides you through two extraordinary inner journeys using imagery, symbolism and metaphor. His calming voice is blended with background chants and music to lead you to profoundly deep levels of rest and expanded awareness.

Track 2. Bridging the Universe is a guide through the seven major chakras using visualisation and chants to encourage balance and full expression at each centre.  The practice culminates with the opening of the heart chakra, the meeting point of heaven and earth.  With this opening comes a release of past hurts and an outpouring of love that envelops the planet.

Track 3. The Sacred Seed transports you into the world of nature, your consciousness merging with the plant kingdom. Plants are one of the earliest forms of evolution; their history, their genetic knowledge, their stories of creation, survival and change span the eons.  This visualisation offers fresh perspectives about our origins and our connections to all life.  These moving images provide subliminal reminders to better understand and respond to our own situations and challenges in life.

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Healing Cover

Cost: $25.00 (AUD)

Track 1. How to use this CD.

Track 2. The Healing Garden. A short relaxation is followed by a journey through the inner garden of your mind. There is no need to see the images, just let your inner mind absorb it all like a sponge, effortlessly. “...you give thanks for the intuitive wisdom that drew you to this healing garden. It is such a clear demonstration that some deep part of you really loves you and wishes you to be healed...’

Track 3. Healing the Body Part 1 This is a meditation through the body directing care and kindness to the various organs including the brain, promoting healing and wholeness. Go beyond the physical boundary to merge with a higher awareness.

Track 4. Healing the Body Part 2. This can be used as a stand-alone meditation, or a continuation of part 1. The healing journey continues to explore the body-mind with respectful and compassionate awareness. The meditation reaches an ultimate embrace of all sentient beings ‘...the great mystery that drives and creates and heals is universal awareness or more simply, love. – it is boundless.’

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