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Meditation Courses

Meditation Made Easy courses in Canberra

The date for the next course will be announced soon. Courses are conducted over six Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Venue: Tuggeranong Business Centre, 12 Kett Street Kambah

Cost: $250 - includes two CDs of guided meditations 

Enquiries:  email michael@syandra.com.au, or phone me on 02 62871710.

Meditation Made Easy – about the course

Finding the right teacher can be the key to successfully learning to meditate. There are a few pitfalls that it’s good to avoid. Learning from books is impersonal and can leave you wondering, ‘Am I doing this right?’ ‘Am I supposed to be feeling this or thinking that?’ Some schools have religious agendas that may not suit you.

My commitment is to provide skilled tuition in a range of meditation techniques at an affordable price and free of religious beliefs. I have had over 25 years experience teaching meditation to the public, as well as to private corporations and public service departments.

Meditation Made Easy is a regular 6-week course run in Canberra in small groups of up to 12 people. The course fee includes 2 CDs of guided meditations. I lead each session.

You learn a range of meditation techniques to suit differing needs and personalities.

Some of these practices include:

  • Mantra Meditation - the use of a sound heard silently to act as anchor for the mind while simultaneously gaining detachment from thoughts.
  • Silent Witness Meditation (Mindfulness) - witnessing or observing thoughts or sensations, setting aside the conditioned mind and all its fears, establishing a different sense of self.
  • Voice Guided Meditations - being led by voice and music through inner journeys that are deeply relaxing and uplifting - perhaps the easiest and more preferred practice for most participants
  • Candle Meditation - the use of a visual focus for the mind which many people find helpful for quietening thoughts and gaining greater clarity and perception
  • Loving Kindness Meditation - based on an ancient Buddhist practice, as the name implies this is a beautiful heart opening experience
  • Physical Movements and Posture Exercises - drawn from Bioenergetics and Kum Nye (Tibetan relaxation exercises) these present ways of gently stretching the body to release muscular tension - can be a very helpful prelude to meditation - for some people this has been the key to enabling them to have profound meditation experiences

In addition the course includes simple yet powerful skills to calm you in stressful moments as well as effective ways to improve sleep patterns and counter negative attitudes and beliefs.

Two CDs are included with the course to help maintain and build on the benefits gained. There are over two hours of guided meditation practices to choose from.


 email michael@syandra.com.au, or phone me on 02 62871710.

Other 'Drop-in' Meditation Evenings

These sessions provide an ideal opportunity to maintain your practice with guided meditations and times of stillness. You are welcome to join us, no need to book.

The meditation runs from 7pm to 8 pm.  The cost per evening is $10 ~ refreshments after meditation.

Dates of next sessions:

Tuesdays  5th September, 19th September, 3rd October, 17th October, 7th November, 21st November, 5th December, 19th December 2017.

Venue: Tuggeranong Business Centre, 12 Kett Street Kambah

Meditation Retreats

Dates for our next retreat are yet to be fixed.