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About Meditation

Meditation is a practice that quietens the mind and relaxes the body. There are many styles and techniques but it all begins by learning how to manage our thoughts. In a practice known as 'witnessing' we learn to quieten the mind by not engaging with the mental chatter, just letting thoughts come and letting them go. A most helpful idea is to say to yourself, 'it's just another thought'. It is good to remember that not all of your thoughts are worthy of your attention. 

Meditation brings a range of physiological changes, including lower metabolic rate, normalised blood pressure, changes in brain wave patterns and lowered cholesterol levels. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in most cultures throughout the world. Not surprisingly, there are many different ways to practice. Several techniques are discussed and practiced in my 6 week course ‘Meditation Made Easy’.

'not all of your thoughts are worthy of your attention.'

What will I experience?

Personal experiences of meditation vary greatly. Mostly these experiences are extremely pleasant and very relaxing. As the practice deepens, thoughts become wispy and dream-like until ultimately there can be spaces where there is no thought. It is common to experience swirls of colours or even images of people and events. At other times people report extraordinary clarity and creativity as ideas and solutions seemingly arise out of nowhere.
Occasionally experiences verge on the transcendent and have a mystical quality. These experiences cannot be ordered up, but arise spontaneously – often when least expected!

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Altered State

Meditation enables us to use the quieter, deeper aspects of our mind. Our usual sense of reality, including our sense of self, comes from our conditioned mind. In meditation we can step outside of this perspective and experience a more pure stream of consciousness, uncontaminated by the hurts of the past, our triumphs and our failures, or by the fears of the future. There are important aspects of ourselves that lie beyond the conditioned mind and have nothing to do with our intellect; such as creativity, connection, healing, wholeness and love.

Changes and Benefits

A regular meditation practice changes our daily experience of life. We react differently to challenges, we become more patient, more compassionate and enjoy greater mental clarity. I specialise in the use of meditation as a healing medium for mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

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The following are some of the common benefits of meditation:

  • Mental calm and release from physical tension; a very pleasant experience.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Inner strength and increased resilience for coping with the ups and downs of life.
  • Improved sleeping patterns.
  • Enhanced self esteem.
  • Ability to detach from worrying or obsessive thoughts.
  • Increased confidence and decision making abilities.