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'I went to my first meditation course in May 2002. There were major problems in my personal life and I seriously needed to find a technique that would help me to relax. It had to be something that I could do at any time of the day or night and the aim was to feel ‘well’ afterwards. I began Michael’s course and found from my first go that it was very healing and relaxing. I found the following day that I felt an increased level of energy and spirit.

.... I was diagnosed at the time with major depression. The great thing was, even as a beginner, I was able to take the guided meditation CDs into the hospital with me and I found the ‘Enchanted Dreams’ series a comfort in helping me sleep at night. When I came out of the hospital I continued with the meditation CDs every day and completed the ‘Meditation Made Easy’ again. After the end of the course I had one session of PSH. I have never felt so close to being able to comfort my own fears and emotions. It is something that changed a very important part of my emotional state of mind.

In September I went to Michael and Deb’s Spring Weekend Retreat. It was a spiritual experience for me that words can barely express. One morning Michael did the ‘Temple Mediation’, I was sitting where the sun rose and my entire body was filled with a radiant light. I think that I was richly fortunate to have had this experience. For someone with depression, I always felt so dark inside.

To this day I believe that Michael’s guided meditations have made an enormous contribution to my recovery. I find that in day-to-day life I can hear key words from the guided pathworkings and find a wave of peace encase me. It has been just over a year now from my breakdown and I am recovering really well from the depression and look forward to a positive and spiritually rich future. I look forward everyday to my meditation, and my body knows that it is the time of day for me to process what has happened in my day and to let go of the old and stale thoughts and worries. It is a positive and healing way of life.'
S.B. Canberra

'Dear Michael,
Many months later, not yet 100% right, but I'm getting there! I still occasionally listen to the CDs, but I constantly use the lessons that you have taught me. ...telling myself I am healing now, letting the past go. Boy, have I let some past go! I am actually so pleased with my attitude. This last year whilst being the hardest of my life has also been the most awakening. I have met my own best friend, - me. All part of the journey toward becoming a healer myself.

...I have come from being the bearer of so many burdens lugged about for too many years to a woman that now realises that I have the right and responsibility to shed the baggage NOW. In all my years of attending counsellors I have never experienced the relief that you have shown me. Rehashing the past is pretty useless......but to release the past – that’s the key to feeling space in your head and heart and to live your own life. You have shown me my own ability to do this.'

(Names withheld to maintain confidentiality.)

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