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Client Experiences

“I woke up this morning feeling happy – I’ve not had that feeling for such a long time. It was a noticeably different feeling. I wanted to get up and do things – be engaged with life. The most exciting part of it was I kept asking myself, ‘what am I happy about?’ And I kept hearing me answer, ‘nothing in particular’. That’s really exciting. That’s the closest I can come to describing the absence of depression; to observe myself being happy about nothing in particular, but just feeling happy... naturally. It’s nice being able to talk about the end of depression not in terms of an absence of negatives, but of a presence of positives.”  
M.J. Canberra (after many years of major depression) 

"Michael Masani's style of meditation with guided visualisation is a very effective healing technique. After several weeks of daily practice introduced in the Meditation Made Easy course and reinforced with several individual sessions, I found I was able to wean myself off the drugs I was using to control panic attacks and anxiety state.
...I now understand how healing comes from within. I experience a state of joy following meditation and I have started on a journey of healing and change in my life."
B.M. Canberra.

“It’s hard to describe, like waves of feeling sad and waves of feeling happy welling up through me. It feels like a release.”  Then, on the following session, 1.5 kilos lighter, “This office is like Disneyland – the happiest place on earth!”    
K.H. Canberra

(Names have been withheld to maintain confidentiality.)

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